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Twinfeathers is adept at sharing Native American Flute (NAF) music in diverse contexts.  She is able to play a wide variety of styles of music, either solo or accompanying other instruments, as background for ceremonies, readings and storytelling, or as a featured performer.

Twinfeathers is a natural teacher and has been teaching NAF for over 17 years.  Her teaching methods are such that after only a two hour playshop, students express delight and amazement that they can already play simple melodies.

“If the feelings that overcame me when I first lifted that flute out of its casing and held it to my heart were love…well then I’ve been missing out on something wonderful this entire lifetime!” Marie Soffel

Veteran's Art Competition

Twinfeathers teaching a Veteran.












“If you Light a Lamp for someone, it will also brighten your path.” Buddha

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