Flutes and accessories:, Order additional flutes and/or accessories through me and I’ll give a discount. of flute makers

How to Play NAF: 

High Spirits Downloads-Odell Borg has a variety of videos, instruction booklets and more!

Art of the Native American Flute, R. Carlos Nakai, 1999, Practice book

The Native American Flute: Understanding the gift (incl. CD) by John Vames, Practice Book,

Flute Magic: An Introduction to the Native American Flute by Tim Crawford, Practice Book, for more songs for 5 & 6 hole flutes.

Flute sheet music:

Blank Staff sheets:

Play along music:

“Rhythms to Accompany the Native Flute” by Stephen DeRuby (

“Background Music for the Native American Flute” by Jeff Perry (

Flute Info sites:

Flute Circles around the world and more:


Learn to play the NAF

Healing with Sound:

John Beaulieu, ND, PhD – Creator of Biosonics –

Mark Romero –

All about Play

The Way of Play – Dr. Victor Shamas, Ph.D

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