Flutes for Vets!

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Flutes for Vets is HERE!

For more information on Free flute classes for veterans click here.


  1. Gina Roda says:

    Hi my name is Gina Roda and I am very interested in your work! I am a producer of a documentary that involves vets and 911 rescue responders who many were also vets!We are filming in Tucson May 8th, 9th and 10th, I would love to speak to someone and see how we can support your mission and purpose! We are integrating a healing and alternative health platform utilizing sound therapy and music as a healer! Please call me asap at 323-810-7887, it is not a cell phone and it is a landline here in Tucson! Thank you!

  2. Doris Bezio says:

    What a wonderful idea! I find my own flute very relaxing, so I can relate to this.

  3. Grace Schmersal says:

    I m looking for a flute group to join,
    I now live in Southern Maryland
    I started to play the flute in2015
    And have no musical talent.

  4. Reginald Glanton says:

    I am a Vietnam vet. I have been taking classes here in Lakewood CO. I am learning the basics and attending our local Flute Circle. The classes are offered through of Cultural Centers and Community Recreation centers. I would like to let our VA offices
    know of your program. We also have VA hospitals in our city of Denver. Would love to get the word out. Thank you.

  5. Gigi Tharpe says:

    I used to have a flute and played it often. I am a usaf veteran with 70% service connected ptsd. My flute was stolen while moving from nm to tx. I can only hope your program gets up and running beyond all expectations and comes to tx soon. I miss being able to play my na flute. I just know your program will help many veterans around the USA. Thank you and all your supports and flute makers.
    May our creator bless this work.

  6. Madhu says:

    I am a Nam vet and have several High Spirit flutes which I have been playing for about four years. I live on the side of a hill overlooking beautiful Lake Atitlan in Guatemala and play for the village below…and myself a few minutes in the morning while looking out across the lake at an amazing giant volcano. Playing is a nice way to practice meditation and to allow troubles from the past go away..I began to realize that the past is not real anymore and the present becomes very beautiful like the musical sound of a flute. It is a great idea to offer them to all vets. Anyone will sound good on the first try with the Native-American style flute.

  7. The link for website is just a video of my edited work. I added an echo effect.
    I am a Veteran of the US Navy and play High Spirit Flutes. I go to down town Missoula, MT and play at times. Maybe while I am doing that, I can help get you some needed support. You can Call or text me @ 406 493-8106 Aho

  8. Bernard Lantz says:

    Sounds like a great idea and as a vet. I would like be a part of the program but live in East Texas. I have started to learn to play but have a ways to go. Please Let me know if I could be a part of flutes for vets.

  9. Lt Col Larry Vaughn, USAF, ret says:

    As a vet and a lover of Native American Flute sound, this program sounds great. I know myself that when I am playing one of my 6 flutes, I have peace and a calmness about me. I look forward to your 501C3 status so you can gather more funds to expand the program.

  10. Rev. David Crabtree says:

    I am a combat Vietnam Veteran and musician who stumbled upon the NAF while looking on line for a drum circle group a few years ago. I now own seven NAF’s and may be looking for another one or two. I like the fact that you can play known songs, or just what you feel, which lets your emotions decide what notes to play. Learning is easy and one often has a favorite manufacturer due to finger spacing and tonal consistency. I applaud your program and wonder why the VA would not allow you to continue your work. As the Chaplain of my local VVA chapter I see the results of PTSD and the other emotional scars of combat. The soothing sounds of the NAF can only help these men and women to find a little peace.

  11. Gary Maskell says:

    What a wonderful program! Thanks for your love and care for all of us Vets!

  12. Mark says:

    what a wonderful idea. As a disabled Vet my flutes have surely helped bring peace to me. There is nothing like the sound of a flute on a mountain side away from all the man made things.Wishing Flutes to VETS a very successful kick off in Tucson.

  13. Gerald Rud says:

    I am a disabled 12 year Army Special Forces Combat Veteran who has seen action in a variety of theatres. I also suffer from various mental health issues and have gained NO SUPPORT in resolving these issues from the pathetic American government or any of their fat-cat organizations; rather, by some divine fate I stumbled upon Odell’s site and started listening to him play his flutes, I was immediately enchanted by both his instruments and his talent as a player. Moreover, both his flutes and his talent have literally saved my life with the soothing effect…I just can’t explain how I can go from completely dysfunctional to calm and relaxed in a matter of minutes, it is truly the best therapy I have ever experienced. I would very much love to learn to play this instrument so that I might have the opportunity to help other combat veterans, like myself, experience the same piece and tranquility that this magic instrument has brought me. THANK YOU Odell!!!

  14. Mack McLendon says:

    I am a service-connected disabled veteran (PTSD and other issues) living here in East Texas. I am interested in the program (as I am interested in anything that will bring me peace of mind). Please keep me posted — and my thanks to everyone who is making Flutes for Vets happen!

  15. Richard Dube says:

    Congratulations on a great program Odell! I had the opportunity to work with a Vietnam Vet when teaching at Sitting Bull College with Kevin Locke. He said it felt really good to do something peaceful with his hands and fingers. He showed how damaged his fingers were from the machine gun jamming and breaking his fingers first on one hand and then the other. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help out with the program. I would be happy to help participate in providing flutes for Vets, as well. Sincerely, Richard Dube

  16. Shannon McCauley says:

    I have purchased a couple of your flutes for myself and my father. My father is a retired Navy veteran, I am a disabled Navy veteran and my son is a retired disabled Navy veteran. I am getting ready to move to be closer to better VA care and would love to learn more about the program for the flutes. Will there be someone coming to the Philadelphia VA? While I do play some I would love some structured lessons the music is a balm for the soul. I am glad to see you providing such a great program. And want to help them too

  17. I am a retired educator who founded the Highland Pickers, a ukulele club, at my local senior center. I play a NAF in Am during our concerts.
    I have long wanted to form a NAF and drum circle at the Highland Senior Center here in Highland CA. We have the San Manuel tribe in our area that provides funding for many local activities. Maybe I could tie F4V, Flutes for Vets, the Sn Manuel tribe, the Highland Senior Center, and the Highland Pickers together and provide instruments and free instruction on the NAF. Wouldn’t that be great?
    PS I found a local vet and NAF maker who might like to participate in this program as well.

  18. Gary says:

    I am a Vet, and became friends with a Northern Cheyenne flute player. Years later I decided I would try my hands at playing. It brings peace and tranquility to me. I hope this program takes off, I believe it will help

  19. Carolyn Donovan says:

    Just wondering if eventually that awesome logo will be featured on hats and tee shirts. I think they would be great sellers I’d be your first customer for a hat and long sleeve shirt

  20. Douglas W Babcock says:

    I am a Total & Permanently Disabled Vietnam Combat Veteran. I started playing flute about 12 years ago. I play mainly Veteran Memorials and Funerals. I am a patient also at the Battle Creek V.A. in south central Michigan. Bass guitar, blues harmonica, & very bad at sax are some of my musical blessing. Also my people(Ottawa) are indigenous to the area. I thank you for this opportunity to give back and honor those who have given time, family, mental stability, & sometimes a body parts. We as a Country need to step up and do more for our Veteran. Megwetch! Doug

  21. In fact, my veteran friend is excited about the possibility of placing some of his flutes in a program such as yours.
    How would i qualify for a program in this area? Please send details. We’re interested in Flutes for Vets. Thank you.

  22. Tammy Hamilton says:

    I live in Katy Texas and would love to take part in this program. I am a combat veteran of the Army and served my country in the gulf war. I have been dealing with ptsd for quite a few years so I think this program would give me another tool to deal with it.
    I also have a service dog and work with a rescue but it my passion to help veterans train dogs as service dogs.
    I am often on the helping side but would love to be on the receiving end of a program for a change.

    Please consider me for this program.

    Thank You

    I love the logo!

  23. Ane says:

    I have played regular flute for 15 years for my physical therapy. I also play Native American flutes. When you play the flute or any musical instrument you use both sides of your brain. Using both sides you are able to produce a hormone that is a wonderful pain releaver. The Native American flute greatly enhances that hormone and leaves a great feeling of peace. For all those I involved in this project I would like to say Thank You for the program for it is a powerful one. I know​ cause I also fight PTSD. Thank You so much. Ane

  24. Dawn Collins says:

    I am interested in hearing more about this program. I live in upstate New York and am a trained NA flute teacher/facilitator through Flute Haven (Clint Goss) and have been playing NA flute for about 15 years. There is a Veterans Hospital in Albany, NY, about 30 miles from me. I have a M.A. In Expressive Arts Therapy and a M.A. In Worship/Ethnomusicology, plus I am a 20 year Certified Music Practitioner, Music for Healing and Transition, accredited by the National Standards Board of Therapeutic Musicians.

    I am searching for a low cost quality starter flute that I can market and use to teach beginners.

  25. Walter van Essen says:

    I`m was a Ambulance driver in The Netherlands for 10 years and now running also on PTSD. We call it a PTSS post trauma stress syndrom , its tru playing a native flute its relaxing and i forget the movies in my head for a short time.
    keep sending this wonderful flutes all over the world.

    lots of love from the Netherlands.

    Walter van Essen

  26. We will be having a Veterans Day on the 8th of June in Scottsdale, AZ, WeKoPa Resort. We will have about 75 veterans there all day receiving lunch and presentations on programs and benefits.

    If you are interested in joining please let me know. I will find room for you on the program.

    We will have an open mike that night too for performers. We already have Keith Secola, Blue Mountain Tribe and several other performers planning on coming to play.

  27. Karen Bernard says:

    hi. GREAT! have 16 HS flutes, plus 3 others. I’m a veteran w/ptsd . . . been playing for @4 yrs. now (transverse flute in past). I believe the NA flute is a big reason I’m still here. playing & listening. What can I do here to help w/flutes for vets? will contact VA and/or Vet Centers to see who is interested if Twinfeathers is interested in help in the North East. Thank you for any reply. I will also pass along any information that he feels would be of help.

  28. nan Gordon says:

    I am very interested in this. I established a music studio in the HONOR Center domiciliary treatment center in Gainesville Florida. It is volunteer led, and we award donated Guitars and keyboards to vets who complete a six week study on those instruments. I also do native American flute stress reduction garden meditations, and have provided recorders to interested vets, teaching them to play pentatonically. I have studied flute with students of Nakai and have a degree with a concentration in classical flute.
    Keep me posted and let me know how I can get involved
    Deaconess Nan Gordon
    Music program Director
    The HONOR center

  29. admin says:

    Hi Gerald,
    Thanks for sharing the healing effect the flute has had for you, AND justification for this whole project, along with your interest. I’ll reach out to you via email for further dialog on how to help you get going!
    In Joy,

  30. admin says:

    Hi Edward, thanks for reaching out. The link didn’t work, youtube said the video was removed by the user. Would love to hear it. Feel free to send a good link to flutesforvets@gmail.com.
    I’ll keep you on the list for outreach in your area for when we are gearing up there. For now if you would be willing to share this link or the one at gofundme.com/flutesforvets, we need financial support for this to fly. Thanks for all you do!

  31. admin says:

    Hi Bernard, we appreciate your offer to help and I’ll keep your info for when we head your way. Where in East Texas are you? Please share the link to our gofundme.com/flutesforvets page with family and friends to help get us funded to expand beyond Tucson! We’re also looking for Vets with experience with website building and nonprofit building/running if you know anyone that fits that bill. Thanks so much!

  32. admin says:

    Thanks for your support. We’re working on getting them back into the VA.

  33. admin says:

    Hi Shannon,
    Thanks for reaching out. We’re just getting started and have a Big vision to go where ever there’s interest. You just put Philadelphia on the map! Will let you know when we’re coming your way. Feel free to let others know about this so we can get funded to expand out of Tucson! Blessings on the healing journey!

  34. admin says:

    That’s Definitely on the list when we get some extra funding! I’ll let you and Everyone else know when that happens!

  35. admin says:

    Great question. The way it’s set up now is that each Veteran who participates in at least 6 classes over about 3 months (that’s about 2/mo) and demonstrates a basic skill and interest, will be eligible for a free flute…as funding allows.

  36. admin says:

    I sent you an email. In Joy, Twinfeathers

  37. admin says:

    Hi Thomas,
    Please reach out to us at flutesforvets@gmail.com and let us know where you are and how to contact you to find out how you can help. Thanks so much!

  38. admin says:

    Hi Danny, Can’t make this event, but if you have any others, let us know! I’ll send you a flyer you can hand out if you’d like to print a few and let them know. I’ll get in touch when we’re ready to expand to the Phoenix area! Thanks for reaching out!

  39. Michael Westervelt says:

    I think that is a great idea! I am in Augusta, Ga. and the VA here holds a veteran driven guitar program. Would be nice to have Odell’s flutes out here.

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