I have one last used flute for sale. I will donate 20% of the sale to the Flutes for Vets program! Please help! I have Lowered the price a lot!!! Contact Twinfeathers for more information or to purchase one of these flutes.

Redtail Low C for Left hand down player only, with bead work – $400









I know Odell Borg’s (of High Spirits Flutes) idea of putting a flute in virtually EVERY person’s hand on the planet is a BIG one, and maybe not really feasible, but something to work towards.  Imagine if there were enough people playing the flute every day bringing peace to themselves, that we reached critical mass and the world tipped toward peace and harmony in a BIG way.  Well, THAT is my goal, to assist with bringing a more peaceful environment for Love to blossom and grow.

So, my part is to help Odell get the flutes into the world.  I am a vendor for High Spirits Flutes in Patagonia, Arizona and offer my customers Free Shipping (to continental US locations).  These are the easiest flutes to play that I have found in the industry.  For more flutes and accessories, visit HighSpirits.com

Flutes (all come with instructional CD and booklet except where noted):

The Whitetail Hawk in B minor is slightly smaller (17.5″ long) than the Sparrow Hawk, but a wonderful starter flute for smaller hands.  The Birch wood gives a clear resonant voice to this fun flute.

Wood types


The Sparrow Hawk flute in A minor is a basic beginner’s flute (20″ long) that I carry everywhere to play as desired, that works for most people who have small to medium sized hands.

Wood types

Sparrow Hawk w/Turquoise Inlay

Wood types

The Redtail Hawk in G minor is a great starter flute (23.5″ long) that is slightly longer and a little deeper sound for people with medium to large hands.

Wood types

Redtail Hawk w/Turquoise

Wood types

The Golden Eagle in F# minor is longer (28″ long) and deeper in pitch and a popular performance flute.

Wood types

Golden Eagle w/Turquoise inlay

Wood types

Double Drone Flutes:

Double Kestrel in high D minor one of the higher drone flutes in Birch for only $219.


Double Merlin in high C minor another higher drone flute in Walnut for only $225.


Double Whitetail Hawk in high B minor is easy to enjoy the drone aspect of flutes in Walnut for only $235.

Double Sparrow Hawk in A minor requires more breath and is generally good for players with some experience.

Wood types

Double Redtail Hawk in G minor, my current favorite,  requires a bit more breath than the A and is well suited for advanced players.

Wood types

Double Golden Eagle in F# minor is for advanced players and takes some strong breath control, but an incredibly haunting sound.

Wood types

Pocket Flutes (no CD or booklet included) are fun, high pitched flutes for playful expression and fit nicely in pocket or backpack.

Pocket flutes

Cloth Bags for single and double flutes.

Single flutes:


Double flutes:

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