Holy Play

“Just Play. Have fun. Enjoy the game.” Michael Jordan

“Play is a sacred act. When we are playing, the essence of all creation flows freely through us.  We are expressing our true nature and connecting with the very core of our existence.  There is nothing more spiritual than that.”  The Way of Play – Dr. Victor Shamas, Ph.D.

Many of the masters have told us that we must return to being like children to be in our true nature.  Twinfeathers has discovered that sharing the joy of play is more fun now than in childhood because there’s no longer anyone to say she can’t do that!

Twinfeathers has created Echoes of Love Experiences to help others get back to or connect with that playful part themselves that is connected to the divine.    You may say you don’t have time to play, but Twinfeathers says, “there is no time to not play, because life is your playground and only you can create your experience.”

Let’s Play!


Harmonic Healing  Choir-TBA

Voices unite in an small A Cappella, improvisational sounding/singing group for fun, healing and blessing.


Improv Playshops! Come and “play” with your voice along with others in a guided improvisation experience! Research shows that singing in a group is very beneficial for all of your physical systems, not to mention your mood! Are you having an event that you want something Out of the Box to be offered? We might even sing a song or two that you know! Just 30-60 minutes of vocal play can set the stage for a GREAT event!


Echoes of Love Experience

If you’ve never experienced being surrounded by your own voice in an echo chamber, you don’t know what you’re missing. The human voice is the most healing sound to the human body and Twinfeathers learned that as a child when she would hide from the chaos of the world, and her family, in the runoff tubes under the streets. She is still sounding and even traveled to Israel in 2016 to activate sacred feminine sites using voice and drum with a group of women.

Standing at the Mt. of Olives above Jerusalem's old City.

Standing at the Mt. of Olives above Jerusalem’s old City.


Last night in Tel Aviv, the entrance to the Hostel we stayed at. I agree, and am working on it!!!















Join Twinfeathers on a journey of sound, laughter and healing in the tubes and echoey places in Tucson! Here are a couple of recordings of some fun tubular play!



A Tubular Experience!

A Tubular Experience!










Contact Twinfeathers for more information about any of these offerings!

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