Echoes of Love Experiences:

Dates/venues TBD

Twinfeathers will guide you through “Echoes of Love Experiences” as you play with your voice and other voices in an echo environment for FUN, please contact her.

Sound Healing and Heart Songs

Relax and let Twinfeathers intuit where to sound into your Be-ing for a personalized Sound Healing experience using her voice, Native American style flutes and/or other instruments. The magic of intentional soundwaves has been known to clear blocks to healing and relieve and/or reduce symptoms for a myriad of maladies.
Mp3 of session via text or email provided if requested.

Let your Heart sing its song through Twinfeathers as she sounds/sings, plays the Native American flute and/or other instruments for your personalized Heart Song. Mp3 of song via text or email provided if requested.

Disclaimer: Twinfeathers does not guarantee any specific results.                         Contact Twinfeathers for more information.

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