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New Healing Harmony Flute!

Playing for Earth Walk 2011

Playing for Earth Walk 2011

I am SO grateful that my double G Flute was SMASHED in transit to Block Island back in May!  Can you believe it?  Well, I KNEW Spirit must have had something really great in mind when that happened and I was Right!  I had a vision a few years ago about me playing a flute with each hand on a different flute, so I asked Odell Borg of High Spirits to custom make a double G with a full flute on each side (not his normal configuration).  I wouldn’t have gotten it when I did if my other one hadn’t broken.  I received it on June 17 and played it at Hi Corbett Field before the Labyrinth was assembled, as part of the ceremony to set the space, and then again for the Earth Walk itself.  It’s a very special flute which I am barely getting to know, but I wanted to share a short clip of it’s healing tones, even though it’s not a great audio.  Click on: Harmony G.mp3 to listen.

Healing sounds

I just listened to Mark Romero on Healing with the Masters ( recording do a healing improv on guitar for abundance.  What it did for me was remind me that I am doing the same thing with the flute and my voice and will be doing MORE of this work because it FEELS SO GOOD and I am now all about feeling good…great…Fantastic!!! JUST DO IT!

Intuitive play

All I have to do is sit with a flute for a few minutes and I either “hear” a melody in my head, or my fingers start moving over the flute as I blow. I call it, “playing the room” because I’m sensing the energy of the room or wherever I happen to be, and I’m playing that with the flute. If you just allow yourself to be still and not worry about what comes out of the flute…could be some of those strange squawks and squeaks, but that’s ok, it’s all part of the creation.
It’s also fun to “play” with the birds. Sometimes they will carry on a conversation with me.
How do YOU play when you’re just playing around with your flute? How does that Feel?