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A new song…as she left.

Sometimes a special song comes through me that wants to be re-membered. That’s the case of the song Farewell, a tribute to my Aunt Shirley who passed in June 2015. My cousin asked me to play the flute for her mom, as she loved the flute, 5 days before she passed. Although I couldn’t go to see her to play, I did intentionally play at home with her on my heart, and this song came forth. To Shirley:

New Healing Harmony Flute!

Playing for Earth Walk 2011

Playing for Earth Walk 2011

I am SO grateful that my double G Flute was SMASHED in transit to Block Island back in May!  Can you believe it?  Well, I KNEW Spirit must have had something really great in mind when that happened and I was Right!  I had a vision a few years ago about me playing a flute with each hand on a different flute, so I asked Odell Borg of High Spirits to custom make a double G with a full flute on each side (not his normal configuration).  I wouldn’t have gotten it when I did if my other one hadn’t broken.  I received it on June 17 and played it at Hi Corbett Field before the Labyrinth was assembled, as part of the ceremony to set the space, and then again for the Earth Walk itself.  It’s a very special flute which I am barely getting to know, but I wanted to share a short clip of it’s healing tones, even though it’s not a great audio.  Click on: Harmony G.mp3 to listen.

Toning Tube Fun!

Yesterday some time unexpectedly opened up for me and I decided to follow the “wash” (dry river/stream) behind my house for a bit.  After about 40 min. I found the most amazing “Toning Tube”, which is really just a runoff tube from the street above.  I sat in it for about 30 minutes toning and playing the flute.  Here are a couple of sound clips from that experience.   Toning Tube Twinfeathers voice, Toning Tube with group.

I recommend finding any place with an echo (bathrooms, stairwells, toning tubes of all kinds) and sing or play an instrument…very healing vibrational experience.  I love finding the “resonant frequency”; when the sound fills the space…you’ll know when it happens.

Black Swan

I was told that the recent movie, “The Black Swan”, was an excellent portrayal of the human shadow and they were beyond right!  Although a couple of scenes are a bit violently graphic, what would the human shadow be without a little (or a lot) of violence, either in the mind or with others?  I won’t say “go see it” because it just might change your life, like it did mine, but if you are ready to step into an Experience of the absolute INSANE and DIVINE nature of the human psyche, go!  The images and process the lead character portrayed are lasting impressions of what’s possible for us to create, endure and transcend.  Be prepared to steep in the stirrings afterwards for a while.  A good group movie for discussion.  Enjoy.

Everytime I listen to this it gives me a sense of complete acceptance and caring from my creator.  I first heard it on one of the Christian radio stations (KLOVE-88.1 in Tucson) that is about to launch in NYC.  I know some of you might be wondering where I’m headed with this, but I LOVE what they are doing!  The D.J.s are heart centered and I rarely feel it necessary to “translate” what I’m hearing into broader terms for me to enjoy it.  I know it’s not for everyone, but I feel uplifted as I drive around Tucson listening to the music ministry that pours out very naturally from the folks running the show.  It’s not a fundamentalist station, they are transparent and live out loud and aren’t afraid to stop and pray with/for anyone in need.


The Month of Love and Change

I’ve been moving in new circles, meeting new friends, creating new projects and I’m moving!  I’m always looking, and finding ways to play my flutes or sing somewhere because music is my life blood and I am no longer willing to put it in the back seat of my life.  What are we doing here?  When are we going to Get that this is a Play Ground built just for us and Stop hurting each other?

I, along with many others are committed to eliminating violent language in our vocabulary.  Since I’ve committed, I’ve noticed how much there is; “give it a shot”, “I’m on target”, and more.  I challenge you to notice your language and make the commitment towards Love and Compassion for all beings.

“Make that change.”  Michael Jackson, Man in the Mirror


After an extra half hour of waiting for the turkey to finish cooking, all 10 of us; including my 4 children, their 3 significant others, my sister, her granddaughter and I were gathered AND the food is ready.   The makeshift family table of 2 small tables, unevenly matched and covered with a plastic table cloth with dark blue background and green bamboo shoots, stands near the center of the dining/living room with 6 chairs and an old futon couch for seating.  We all stand around and hold hands for the blessing, each adding what they are grateful for that day…or passing.  7 out of 10 choose to share and we end with “amens” and an “aho” from me from the native American tradition.  In a busy, yet semi orderly fashion the group cycles through the kitchen to the array of steamy dishes on counter tops and stove, finally settling down to a mostly overloaded plate of food.  “Ranch dressing?”, my son asks for his girlfriend.   “oh, sorry only have “Mom’s” dressing of good seasons Zesty Italian and lemon juice.

After all are seated and only clanking silverware and smacking mouth sounds (mostly my son’s) are prevalent, I ask everyone to consider sharing either a reflection of something they’re grateful for from the past year, something they’re doing now that moves them or a hope or dream for the future.  More sounds of eating with a quieter tone.

As plates are nearing empty from the first round of food, my eldest daughter’s fiancé looks at me from down and across the table and asks, “What’s your most embarrassing moment?”  I respond, “you all get to share yours if I share.”  Some smiles break through chewing.  As I share my moment I get some interesting faces of surprise, disgust (my bathing suit top flipped up and off my breasts after coming down the waterslide at Justin’s Waterworld) and we continue around the table as we all share a moment; carefully choosing which one is safe to reveal here.

Then someone said, “when I get angry I…”, and another round of sharing ensues of how we handle anger.  Watching the faces of each and their respective partners tell more than the words as we venture deeper into revealing more of ourselves in this Holy moment.  Although not completely safe from ribbing from peers honesty prevails nonetheless.

Finally, my sister invites, “what about your happiest moment?”,  and the weight of the previous round is lifted into lighter, more joyful sharing of precious memories with loved ones connecting, being born and reconnecting after long separations.

As we move from the dinner table to dessert and some friendly rounds of charades, I feel just a little bit closer to all who came and somewhat redeemed from some thoughtless words previously shared with my son’s girlfriend who is now carrying my first grandchild.

What am I grateful for this Thanksgiving?  A moment in time given as a gift to each one to see deeper into each other; maybe finding a little of ourselves in everyone.

Healing sounds

I just listened to Mark Romero on Healing with the Masters ( recording do a healing improv on guitar for abundance.  What it did for me was remind me that I am doing the same thing with the flute and my voice and will be doing MORE of this work because it FEELS SO GOOD and I am now all about feeling good…great…Fantastic!!! JUST DO IT!

Intuitive play

All I have to do is sit with a flute for a few minutes and I either “hear” a melody in my head, or my fingers start moving over the flute as I blow. I call it, “playing the room” because I’m sensing the energy of the room or wherever I happen to be, and I’m playing that with the flute. If you just allow yourself to be still and not worry about what comes out of the flute…could be some of those strange squawks and squeaks, but that’s ok, it’s all part of the creation.
It’s also fun to “play” with the birds. Sometimes they will carry on a conversation with me.
How do YOU play when you’re just playing around with your flute? How does that Feel?

Here I Am!! Finally!

Greetings fellow travelers, I am finally on line with a new presence and new energy to connect with you. I have been working diligently for months and am grateful to finally be starting. I don’t know much about blogging, but I’m excited at the possibility of connecting with people all over the country/world with a common interest in the Native American Flute and World music. So, let’s chat. I’m still on Block Island, Rhode Island, but will be back in the sunny desert mid-October and ready to re-connect with the community there.
There is still much to do, but I’m really interested in hearing what your passion is about using the flute. Whether it’s playing for your dog (or cat), playing in nature, playing in the bathtub…let’s hear it!
“Let the Wild Rumpus Start!” Where the Wild Things Are